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How would you like to earn money for referring people to products you love and consume daily and they also love and consume daily.  …now you can! The reason for our success is that we take a habit most people already have,

“We simply serve them a cup of our coffee (or tea) with an added herb, and we ask how they like the taste and how it makes them feel". Then we tell them they can buy it at the same price or less than what they pay at a coffee shop or for gourmet coffee.”

 Shane Morand OG Global Master Distributor believes the essence of network marketing is a friend telling a friend telling a friend. He motivates and encourages people by showing them the simplicity of the business. 

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Organo Gold - Its easy, its simple, its coffee

Duplication is very important for any mlm business to work. We have a very simple and proven system that anyone can understand and follow and it is easily duplicatable.

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I am combining

2 Powerful Systems together


1.The 4 Steps System - Building your business Offline

2.The Power Lead System - The Complete Online Marketing System


Using a system which has been tried and tested over time, usually saves us a lot of time and money. The Organo Gold system is a simple one to follow and much of the high flying distributor success is attributed to following the 4 simple steps to success. I am the end-product of the system.


My job here is to teach and guide you how to understand and apply

the 2 systems in the most effective way for fast success.

Anyone can be successful so long they are willing to work and be coachable.


Blue Diamond - Sifusham addressing a crowd at Las Vegas

Anyone can do it. Just plug yourself into our proven 4 Steps System + The Power Lead System.
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Its easy its simple its coffee

I can mentor you via online and offline or both

If you drink coffee, tea or hot chocolate on a daily basis why not let me show how you can offer the millions of coffee drinkers a healthier coffee and Earn Money everytime they drink it.


Between normal coffee and a healthy coffee at the same price, most people will definitely go for a healthier coffee. Our coffee is also an alkaline in nature compared to the normal coffee which is acidic.


Furthermore we have lots of testimonials worldwide from people who feel better after drinking our products. Some of them say that they have more consistent daily energy and so on. So this is not an ordinary coffee but a healthy gourmet coffee infused with the powerful herbs called ganoderma (lingzhi). You can Google GANODERMA LUCIDUM  and read the health benefit. Just imagine by drinking 3 to 5 cups of our coffee daily will definitely help your body to a healthier life.


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If you are involve in this business just start with giving a free sample to others. Our proven 4 steps system will guide you step by step to make your millions. Thats all.

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Its Easy, Its Simple, Its Coffee

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